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  1. Dear MIDIBOXers, During integration of my IIC_MIDI hardware module I run into an issue of using the RI_N_PINs. Just some simple questions: To which PORT and PINs are this inputs assigned ? On the old STM32F0x based PCB On my current LPC17 based PCB On the new STM32F4 based PCB In the mios32_config.h there only seems to be mentioned the old STM32F0x scheme, which uses the J5C for RI0..RI3 and J5A for RI4..7. If these Port Pins would actually used as Inputs for signalling in case a MIDI Message was received the _ENABLED flag should be set to: 3 = interface enabled, check RI_N pin instead of polling receive status Right? #define MIOS32_IIC_MIDI0_ENABLED 2 #define MIOS32_IIC_MIDI0_RI_N_PORT GPIOC #define MIOS32_IIC_MIDI0_RI_N_PIN GPIO_Pin_0 .... .... #define MIOS32_IIC_MIDI7_ENABLED 2 #define MIOS32_IIC_MIDI7_RI_N_PORT GPIOA #define MIOS32_IIC_MIDI7_RI_N_PIN GPIO_Pin_3 How has this mios32_config.h file to be modified ? for the LPC17 core for the STM32F4 core What are the Port and Pin Names ? on the LPC17 core based PCB on the STM32F4 core based PCB Thanks in advance for your advice & support and best regards, Jo