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  1. Hi, I am new to MIDI and I have a question. I plan to "midify" a traditional church organ pedalboard by making the pedals hit the white keys of an M-Audio Keystation 61es keyboard. I would therefore need to assign the notes 036 to 067 (C1 to G3) in their natural order (C,C#,D...) to exclusively the white keys of the keyboard, such that pressing the C1 key would send 036 to the computer, pressing the D1 key would send 037 (C1#), pressing the E1 key would send 038 (D1), and so on. I would be glad for a hint for any software or hardware solution.
  2. Hard techno jam

    Another hardware jam, this time completely unedited. Some small glitches with getting the Sammich to start playing tight with other gear.. Usually I quickly flip between playback speeds but when it doesn't work I have to stop/start again. Anyone got any tips on how u handle this?   Rilly love my Sammich more and more for every day. ^_^
  3. Hardware jam

    Here's my first live jam with my Sammich, I started experimenting with the step sequencer and found it to be most enthralling!