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  1. Midibox vs. real piano

    Has anyone tried to use midibox on a real piano?  I know it's a no brainier to wire to solenoids but what about dynamic key response?  I recently acquired an older Yahama with built in pianocorder and wish to replace the host controller with midibox.  It works good as-is but has a 1/2 second delay which is intolerable, you can not hook a remote keyboard to it and play it live.  Newer models allowed this "Feature" to be turned off but mine does not, I have dug deep into the circuits to try to trick it out but it comes down to the firmware in the host controller, the software must be reverse engineered and modified.  My main expertise is hardware and wiring midibox to the existing drivers would be much easier for me but i will loose dynamic response which brings me to the question above.   The drivers require pwm outputs from the host to set the strike pressure, so the velocity of the midi notes needs to be translated and turned to pwm for each pin output.  Has it been done?  I tried a quick search without luck so far.  This feature would also be neat for driving LEDs as you could get variable brightness from them.   Any help would be greatly appreciated, Jmayes