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  1. MIDIbox Quad Genesis

    EDIT: For project documentation, see and the pages it links to, specifically including ! This semester I will be building a MIDIbox Quad Genesis synthesizer for Josh Whelchel. The synth will be based on my MIDIbox FM V2.1 (dual OPL3) synth, except it will contain four OPN2 (YM2612) and four PSG (SN76489/SN76494). We are still in the early planning stages of the project, so many of the details are not set yet. However, one thing that's pretty sure is that I will produce a custom PCB for a "MBHP_GENESIS" module, containing one of each sound chip with a parallel interface to the STM32F4 core. These modules will be stackable with pin headers, and their outputs will be correctly mixed with no external circuitry when they are stacked, allowing up to four modules to be connected to the same core. I'm also planning for them to be supplied by the +5V rail (after heavy filtering), with rail-to-rail op-amps, so a separate +/-12V supply would not be necessary. Of course, the more that I have manufactured, the cheaper they will be for everyone. For budgeting purposes, I would like to know how many people here would be interested one or four of these boards. For now I don't need a commitment, just a statement of interest. Depending on what we decide for the project, I also may be producing a large, custom front panel board, which will be VERY expensive unless we find other interested people. The design is barely even started, so of course there would be no commitment; but if you'd consider building a MIDIbox Quad Genesis with a large front panel, let me know that you might be potentially interested. Here's a Google Form for letting me know your interests about this project, please fill this out if you would be interested in a board:
  2. From the album MIDIbox Quad Genesis

    This is the schematic to use with MBHP_Genesis boards labeled "Rev. 1e", as it has a few updated resistor values and a couple other minor changes.
  3. MIDIbox VGM Player

    The first official release of MIDIbox VGM Player is available now! This is a small build which allows you to play VGM files on one or more MBHP_Genesis modules with a minimal control surface. In my case I just took my mostly-complete MIDIbox Quad Genesis and traded the massive front panel for a tiny one with 6 buttons and an encoder: Wiki page: Firmware: It's not a particularly hard project, and most of the information someone will need (someone who is familiar with MIDIbox in general) will be found at the MBHP_Genesis module page,, which is very detailed. So the documentation for the project itself isn't that extensive right now--but I'm looking for feedback about this. Meaning, post here if you get stuck with something, and I'll answer your question and add the information to the wiki. More features will be added over time, as I develop the VGM driver even further for use with MIDIbox Quad Genesis. Planned features include: autodetection of presence and number of MBHP_Genesis boards, autodetection of actual chip clock speeds and obeying VGM file clock speeds to get frequency commands right in all cases, realtime tempo and pitch controls.