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Another mbsid cd release!


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-Yatagarasu, LOBSTER MAGE-

Facehugger #5


10 violent and melodic tracks made with midiNES, midiBox sid, Jomox drum machines, and a chain of distortion pedals. I really think you guys would get a kick out of hearing the SID being used in a REALLY unconventional way.

Mbsid was used on almost every track for a monophonic sawtooth bassline, but it's used by itself for a couple songs (using wavetables for the drums). One track features an experiment of feeding the CC changes from a different synth to the MB with surprisingly cohesive results! You've got to hear this! Check out some samples at www.myspace.com/yatagarasu. The song "Meaningless" should give you a pretty good idea of the madness that's happening. Also "Tapas" shows just how freaking good the sid sounds with distortion.

I'll upload somemore if you guys want! 

3 Color silkscreened covers! Send an email to chris.monica@ymail.com if you are interested in getting your hands on a copy. You can buy it, or I'll trade someone for the parts to upgrade an MBsid v1 to v2.

This album was performed this summer across the Southwester United States using an RM1X sequencer and mobile 800 watt system. One of the loudest uses of mbsid yet, I reckon.

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Love the covers. Very unusual (like everything you do - that's good IMO!) Did you do the art?

LOVE that your myspace page allows me to press play when I'm ready to start the music. Webpages that cram music in my face without interaction get automatically closed ;)

the SID being used in a REALLY unconventional way.

Heh, still sounds like chiptunes to me! Just... heavier, and with screaming ;)

I like your music. I think that subtlety in expression is something that's evading you though, but hell, I'm sure it sounds just like you meant it to, and you know I'm not always a fan of subtlety ;) I think that the thing that stops me from wanting to go out and buy it (aside from the screaming thing, not my style) is that your tunes lack shades of grey - it's either full-on-noise, or silence. That makes it lack dynamics, so the tunes don't take me on a journey. It's so hard to explain it in text without sounding like an academic arty-farty idiot music critic, so I'll STFU now!

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Thanks for the reply Stryd! I really appreciate you jamming the tunes and giving your opinion. Hardcore punk ON/off dynamics are definitely etched into my brain. However, having subtlety within the chaos is something I would not release an album without considering. Different distortion pedals and modes of screaming were considered based on the appropriate levels of violence for each part. The instruments were synthesized and the tunes were written based on where I thought the "peaks" of each song should be. Some of the careful envelope work is obscured by high-gain. BUt the instruments usually poke through the noise like a sincere voice wrapped in flame.

Like you said - hard to described what I mean without overexamining myself and sounding dumb. But subtlety of expression is something I considered during the whole process, and sought to incorporate!

Thanks about the covers =D

The art was drawn by my friend Mike from San Antonio, I did the color seperation and layout with GIMP and then iheartu productions in Houston did the silkscreening. Kind of a group effort.

Edit: Ah man, I fixed some grammar/word choice and now I have the little "edit" tag below here, thus looking like a moron. I gotta be more careful.

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As I read the beginning of your post, I started to think, 'well, he's done all the right stuff... Now that he mentions it, I can kinda hear it....maybe it's overlimited or something?', then you confirmed my suspicion:

Some of the careful envelope work is obscured by high-gain

Maybe it comes down to a mix/mastering thing.... I think some of your hard work is definitely lost in the final product.

If editing posts makes you a moron I'm moron*3 from tonight alone ;)

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