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sammichSID Final Batch!

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sammichSID Final Batch!



After 350 kits sold (including 556 SIDs), I have finally got to the end of the waiting list. Woot!

There will be a final batch of 50 kits in November. I don't have plans to keep lots of pre-packed kits in stock, therefore, once the last batch is sold, YOU CANT HAZ SAMMICHSID! There are still plenty of kits available in the final batch.

Yes, this is some shameless self-promotion to boost sales so I can finish with my routine 50 kit batch and sell off all the PCBs and parts I have in stock.

If you're interested in getting a sammichSID, or want to find out WTF this thing is, all the information is here: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/sammichsid

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