using only one track of a pattern for drum use?

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hey all,

I am wondering what would the best way to use the tracks/pattern/group structure when using the Seq V4 only for drums, like with the MB909 control surface, would that be to only use one track of a pattern and leave the other 3 empty. In most cases I would only use one drummachine (9090) with the sequencer and don't need 4 tracks playing at the same time.

I hope it is not necessary to change the way tracks/patterns/songs are played (or saved for that matter)....

Any help would be greatly appriciated.



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I'm using all 4 tracks for one drum pattern.

For example:

Trk1: BD

Trk2: hihats

Trk3: snare

Trk4: percussion

I like this way for simpler muting/unmuting. :thumbsup:

Best Regards, IGI

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