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Need a Program for my Controller

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I need a new program for my Midi Project CSC....

a preprogrammed sample is already in the repository in the apps/quickies/csc folder.

The Based Version was created with 40 Enocders, 128 Pots, an 2 16x16 Matrices at 4x AINX4 Modules, 4x DINX4 Modules, 1x DOUTX4 Module at a Core32 Board over USB to the XP PC.

The new Version has 4 Encoders more.

I have also tried to change the details in the program, but it doesn´t work.

Can someone write a new program or an update for this Controller?

It worked fine with 40 Enoder and all other parts till i build in the 4 Encoders in.

Thanks a lot for help.

Greets Chris

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Can someone help ??

The Program already exists in the Repository of Mios32/trunk/apps/quickies/csc , but it has to be updated...

Greets CSC

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What have you tried so far? I am assuming that you have put the next 4 encoders on SR 11? If not then the code needs quite a bit more changing, I would recommend putting them on SR11 and moving the matrices over to SR12-SR15

If you have put the encoders on SR11, the code changes that you will need are:

in app.c, change

#define NUM_ENCODERS 40


#define NUM_ENCODERS 44

in mios32_config.h change:

#define FIRST_ENC_DIN_SR 1

#define DIN_16x16_L0 11

#define DIN_16x16_R0 12

#define DIN_16x16_L1 13

#define DIN_16x16_R1 14


#define FIRST_ENC_DIN_SR 1

#define DIN_16x16_L0 12

#define DIN_16x16_R0 13

#define DIN_16x16_L1 14

#define DIN_16x16_R1 15

I can't see any other changes that will be required but I may be wrong :)

EDIT: Having looked at DINs.png, I can see that you have put the matrices on the first DINs and the encoders after them? That is the opposite of the way that the program is written and I would definitely recommend that you reconfigure it so that the encoders are on SR1-11 and the matrices are on SR12-15 otherwise the changes to the program are non-trivial (although still not that complicated!)


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i become a f... o.. with this. :sick:

Now i build in, 4 Encoder more. So, i have the Shift Register 1-12 (DINX4_1 - DINX4_3) complete connected with Encoder.

I changed any point in the Program...

#define NUM_ENCODERS 48

#define NUM_MATRICES 2

#define FIRST_ENC_DIN_SR 1

// DINs of first 16x16 matrix (counted from 1)

#define DIN_16x16_L0 13

#define DIN_16x16_R0 14

// DINs of second 16x16 matrix (counted from 1)

#define DIN_16x16_L1 15

#define DIN_16x16_R1 16

// DOUTs of both matrices

#define DOUT_16x16_L 1

#define DOUT_16x16_R 2

Now the new last 4 Encoders doesn´t work but the 4 Encoder that i connected before... :question:

What a hell!?

and Now the Matrices doesn´t work well.

i don´t give up!! :hairy:

I will try to change the parameters of the matrices and take look a the encoder connections, and send after a new try some feedback.....

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Error Update!!!


I don´t need new Program...

one little complication is still working.

One Button in the Matrix makes a double note, and the last open Shift Register (Shift Register 11) is not reading.

I have 48 (44) Encoder at Shift Regitser 1-11 and the Button Matrices at 13-16...

I replaced the 4 new Encoders at SR11 with 8 Buttons, but it doesn´t work...

finish UPDATE......!


the last and the least 4 Encoders doesn´t want work.

I replaced the 4 encoders with 8 Buttons and filled in, the code, into the program.

but it doesn´t work...

the 4 encoders, that i have planned before, are working fine..

In the program are 48 Encoders placed, but 44 Encoders are working...

What´s the Problem ???

thanks...and greets...

Edited by CSC

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