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Dear MidiBx community

I switched over to Eclipse based MIOS32 toolchain according to the well written doku at: http://www.midibox.o....php?id=eclipse

Set the Window->Preferences->C/C++->Built->Environment variables

I also set the Windows Environment variables to:

set MIOS32_PATH=/G/mios32

set MIOS32_BIN_PATH=/G/mios32/bin


set MIOS32_GCC_PREFIX=arm-none-eabi




set MIOS32_LCD=universal

according to http://www.midibox.o..._toolchain_core

When I built my project I always get a bunch of warnings like:

Invalid project path: Include path not found (\G\mios32\FreeRTOS\Source\include). midibox_kb_v1 pathentry Path Entry Problem

But the compilation outputs project.hex successfully and it can be downloaded and run on the target device.

How can I avoid these nasty warnings?

Sugestions and help welcome!

Thanks in advance


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