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Protodeck 2 project


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hi there,

this made a long time I didn't come here.

I'm the guy who made the protodeck controller a long time ago:



I have to say I finally didn't use it a lot all along my live sets travel and experiences.

And I played a lot, but I'd finally use very much simple stuff.


Now, I'd really like to make a pots only device.


Requirements would be:

- 60 pots with a couple of buttons (no more than 5)

- pots would be illuminated to easily make "block of pots" with colors

- pots would be screwable on the faceplate

- only USB for data + power would be a dream.



I have a couple of questions:

- should I follow the LPC17 way ?

- for my box, is there a new service on the web for making the whole stuff easily using template for instance ?

- for about to 60 pots (illuminated by led) would the usb power supply enough ? (I guess no. but are there pots to try to find out in order to reduce consumption?)

- any ideas about nice illuminated pots ?



I would design this not because I want to make a proof of concept but because I need it on stage.

drehbank stuff was nice, I just cannot find one and I need USB stuff instead of DIN, anyway.

I mean, if I know the technology behind this, I need to build it in next month without loosing too much time (this is why I would be happy to use template for the box design)


ANY ideas or advices would be appreciated :)

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Assuming you want 3 color LEDs under each pot, that's 60 x 3 x 15 mA per LED = 2.7 A, much more than even high-power USB can supply. Probably the easiest way to do this, since your box wouldn't have any analog audio components in it, would be to get a cheap 5VDC 4A switching PSU (like this one).


LPC17 definitely, if you want to do any tweaking of the code. Do you want to use actual analog potentiometers and AINSER64 or digital encoders?


By the way, your Protodeck project looks awesome!

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