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Extended Routing


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Hi everybody,


finally I found the time to start a project on my new LPC17 core. I want to replace my current MIDI router (PIC-based) with the MIDIbox NG application. I have MIDI devices connected to both IN/OUT ports and a computer via USB. All MIDI channels are used and need to be routed/duplicated to different ports.


Here's my problem: MIDIbox NG offers only 16 router nodes, but I need at least 32 to route my channels properly. Is it somehow possible to increase the number of nodes? A different solution would be to offer a range of filtered source channels instead of single ones. E.g. could we somehow group these 5 nodes into a single one (without using "All")?


ROUTER n= 1   src_port=IN1  src_chn=5   dst_port=OUT2  dst_chn=17

ROUTER n= 2   src_port=IN1  src_chn=6   dst_port=OUT2  dst_chn=17

ROUTER n= 3   src_port=IN1  src_chn=7   dst_port=OUT2  dst_chn=17

ROUTER n= 4   src_port=IN1  src_chn=8   dst_port=OUT2  dst_chn=17

ROUTER n= 5   src_port=IN1  src_chn=9   dst_port=OUT2  dst_chn=17


That would help me a lot....




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Hi Sebastian,


filter ranges will be more time consuming than processing more than 16 MIDI router nodes.


The number could be increased in the mios32_config.h file, e.g.:


this requires to recompile the application.


Do you know how to do this?


Best Regards, Thorsten.

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