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LPC17 core/DOUT problem - no gate signal


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Hi guys! I've just started testing of my first MIDIbox as a complete set, configured for midi2CV application. It's based on LPC17 core; aout_ng used for CV output. Currently it's running under Midibox_ng_v1_032 and configured for high-resolution CV. CV output is okay, however I encountered a problem with gate. There is no signal at DOUT ch. 1 through 7 upon key pressure. Sure, fwd_gate_to_dout_pin... command is applied in configuration file. I checked j8/9-DOUT connection twice - it seems to be ok (according to diagram).

I see that "DOUT off" when I press shift and "all DOUT pins inactivated" when pressing button #3 on SCS. Is it the reason why gate doesn't work? I can't activate DOUT using SCS. Please, advise how to fix that.


PS: Sorry, posted here by mistake. This topic should be moved to Testing/Troubleshooting

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I'm a bit confused. According to Midibox NG manual CV Gates should be available at MBHP_DOUT shift registers (J8, right?). At the same time, I found the following note at the example of .NCG configuration file (highlighted in red):



# the first event uses the "key" as value, sets CV Channel #1 and the CV Gate #1 (at J5A.A0)
# the second event uses velocity as value (default) and sets CV Channel #2
EVENT_CV  id= 1  fwd_to_lcd=1  type=NoteOn  chn= 1 key=any use_key_number=1  fwd_gate_to_dout_pin=1.D7  lcd_pos=1:1:1


As I have written above DOUT seems to be inactive. Any additional command to activate?

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