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Looking for help with NGC file (bank routing and layout)


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   I'm trying to build a Midibox NG interface for a guitar preamp. 

I have built the hardware consisting of 12 encoders, 3 toggle switches, 1 LCD, a few LEDS on a DOUT.


I have 2 different  DEFAULT.NGC files  (representing Mode 1 & 2 Below) with Switch 2 banking encoders 1-8. 

The hardware is tested and working for each NGC file.  :smile:


I need to combine the code from both NGC files and add encoders 9-12 with banks of their own, responding independently of banks 1&2. (Is this possible?)


I also intend to add Mode 3 to Switch 1 soon.


This is how I want it to work:


Switch 1 : Mode 1  => Switch 2  (banks  1  &  2 for encoders 1-8), Switch 3 (banks 3,4,5   for encoders 9-12)

Switch 1 : Mode 2  => Switch 2  (banks  6  &  7 for encoders 1-8), Switch 3 (banks 8,9,10 for encoders 9-12)

Switch 1 : Mode 3  => Switch 2  (banks 11 & 12 for encoders 1-8), Switch 3 (banks 13,14,15  for encoders 9-12)


But I am confused on how to accomplish this.  Should I use radio buttons, Meta events, can banks be inside other banks?


Any help would be very appreciated. 



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