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MB FM SysEx communication problems (?)


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First of all, thanks for the hard work all you people put into this! The MIDIbox FM is simply fantastic!


My setup:

* Headless MB FM (only CORE and OPL3), connected to PC via an Alesis io|2 interface

* MIDI routed via MIDI-OX and MIDI-Yoke (all 32-bits software running on Windows 7)


From Sonar X3, I can play a MIDI sequence to the MB FM, and it sounds awesome :)


But, when I want to change sound parameters (via Ctrlr in stand-alone mode or as VST inside Sonar, or with this VST plugin: http://web.t-online.hu/gyurek/fmvsti.htm), I can see SysEx messages going into MIDI-OX, I can see the MIDI out LEDs of my interface flashing, but the sound does not change.


So, I know the SysEx messages enter the MIDIbox, but then nothing happens. I also know that the MIDIbox is capable of sending SysEx messages, since it does so on boot-up.


Is my assumption correct that I do not need a bankstick to change the sound? In that case, what could be wrong?

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