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Possible to use 4X 2x20 LCD display instead of 2X 2x40?


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Could work, but you'd need a custom firmware and separate select lines for each LCD.


MIOS8: A special driver module is available which allows to connect up to 8 CLCDs to a single core (clcd_multi). Displays have to be selected with the USER_LCD_Select function by the application.
Connectivity: any free pin of the PIC can be used for the enable line. For instance, if your application doesn't use the analog pins at J5 of the core module, you are able to connect 8 additional LCDs. You could also program a multiplexer interface in order to address even more LCDs by routing the enable line to one PIC pin.
Wiring Diagram: mbhp_nxclcd_mios8.pdf
MIOS32: the standard CLCD driver is prepared for controlling up to 256 devices selected via MIOS32_LCD_DeviceSet(). Please understand this value as a theoretical possibility, physical parameters (like cable capacities) have to be considered as well. ;-) 
Connectivity: see this MIDIbox NG Manual Chapter.
Wiring Diagram: mbhp_nxclcd_mios32.pdf


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