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Crimps for 12mm pot pins


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This is for my Axoloti project. I have a bunch of bourns 12mm pots which naturally have pins on them. I'm panel mounting these and wondering what is the best way to connect wires to the pins? They are standard 2.54 pitch so header strips fit on them pretty tight. I've been looking for crimps of a sort but I'm totally failing to find any. Google Fu is weak this time. Anyone have any ideas? My best bet so far appears to be snapping female header down to 3x and soldering wires on it.

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would these do it for you?




Specifically this one:



Not sure if you need the specific crimp tool or a generic one works, if someone  knows speak up.


I just soldered on to my bourns encoder pins for my SEQ prototype and slipped heatshrink on (before soldering) In fat I was finishing them up last night. I'll post a pic later after I mount them.

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Thanks for the reply. I did get housings and crimps from Jaycar but they are just too loose. I've also noticed the pins differ slightly between my Encoder and pots and also the PCB style pins on these devices vary in thickness. These housings all seem built for header pins which are square. I've found these which are similar. Since I have a voucher for Core I'll get some and try. If it fails the solder gun comes out. :) I've noticed with pots the signal can just go barmy without a really good connection so I expect soldering is the only way to be sure. Headers for proto sure, soldering for final build.


Matching housings.




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