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  1. Is it possible to record note data and then overdub CC data on teh same track? For those with only two hands. :)
  2. Midiphy.com is looking ninja sweet.
  3. I'm defo in for one of these. I don't want to build another SEQ but my old MidiREX is too buggy for loop duties. This looks excellent.
  4. Here's what it looks like in matt black. This was done at a local laser cutter and wasn't as good as Ponoko. Also checkoout LurkMcGurk's modification on this enclosure. He done a great job. http://niroke.blogspot.com.au/2017/07/an-unofficial-build-guide-for-midibox.html
  5. The glass is 3mm dark grey acrylic. Cut at Ponoko along with rest of it. It's sized very slightly larger than the hole to include the laser's width (called kerf). So the finished product should just fit into the hole snugly and not fall out. You just pop them in. Well, that was the plan. But kerf factor is variable on all sorts of things so my first attempt fell out when turned upside down. I don't gig so I just left it like that. I don't have my Midibox anymore so can't send you close ups.
  6. Are you sure your downloaded the "raw" file from github? If you rightclick the file and save you'll end up with an html page instead of the actual file.
  7. Hmm weird. I do everything in Inkscape and I know someone else who used the scale-corrected version at Ponoko. I'll check it later and get back.
  8. Fellow redditor Mr LurkMcGurk has published an excellent writeup on his SEQv4 build. http://niroke.blogspot.com.au/2017/07/an-unofficial-build-guide-for-midibox.html
  9. Yeah, sorry about that. I think my scottish usage of "shame" is different from other cultures. In no way did I mean anything is "shameful". In scottish terms it means more like "wasted opportunity". There's no personal attack intended here. I think the work and support you've given over the year incredible. I'll explain for comment below. My comment is based purely on my laymans intepretation of the licensing and my view of this project and the current development world in which we now live. The MIOS licensing at first look is a simple one of non-commercial use. It's not one of the established licenses (MIT, GPL etc) that are pretty well understood from a layman developers pov. I read that license, I want to develop mods to SEQ and I'm put off because any code I write I can only distribute as a patch which makes my code pretty much useless for everyone else. I can't put up my own blob of my own variant for other "users" to use on their SEQ. If I've interpreted it this way, then others surely have come along and left as well. The result is noone but TK hacking on MIOS Apps and the project won't grow. I also don't see how TAPR applies to MIOS. It doesn't matter if I've interpreted it wrongly as the end result is the same. The project doesn't grow. I fully realise this is TK's project and he's fully entitled to do as he wishes and he has probably already considered what I've said many times in the past. Any contribution of code/effort/time to society is gracious and I'm very thankful for that. I just like seeing projects I like flourish.
  10. The code source is open for personal use only. It's not "Open Source" in the normally understood terms, in that you can modify and redistribute it. It's a shame really, I'd love to hack on it but I can't redistribute a modified version so I'm not going to bother putting the effort in. No idea about hardware licensing, I have a bad enough time with software. :) /runs to hide after potentially opening a new can of worms. :)
  11. Since the Aussie dollar is heading in the wrong direction and those in Europe get stung by 25% import tax, I've dropped the price to $900 AUD. Also happy to negotiate. Ninjaedit.
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