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Pic based core MIOS upload fail


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I just finished a pic based core and wanted to upload MIOS by MIOS Studio Linux. I bought the pic from Mike, so bootloader is installed already. MIOS Studio recognized the bootloader but can't upload the OS. It sais that it recieves upload request but no response after 16 try. I checked the voltages, the pic legs midi loop, the midi out with a led and it all works. Can it be soldering problem even if MIOS Studio sees the bootloader?


Thanks for any help!

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No, it can't be related to a soldering issue

I guess that you did all the required tests.
With loopback you mean that you can send text messages in the MIOS Studio terminal and they are sent back?

This is a mandatory test, because it ensures that SysEx messages can be sent correctly.
If this doesn't work, the issue is related to your MIDI interface

Best Regards, Thorsten.


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