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FS: SID Chips (6582a)


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Update: SIDs are all sold... thanks to the buyers & have fun :)


while clearing my storage out, I found a couple of 6582a SID Chips which I purchased a couple of years ago from Wilba's bulk order.
The chips are new and unused. Still sitting in the tubes which I originally received from Wilba. Have been stored warm and dry :)
Have a total of 12  8 zero SIDs 6582a available. Per piece EUR 30,- plus shipping. Would prefer to sell them in pairs or multiple pairs.

Payment via SEPA transfer to my account of Paypal F&F.

Please leave me a message if you are interested.

Thanks & regards, Frank

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Your timing is perfect...  I've finally ordered the rest of the parts to finish my SID boards that have been sitting half finished for a year or two...  I have 5 6581s, but I may as well fill the thing up while there are known good SIDs available.  Put me down for four, I guess.

Any chance you feel like giving a bit of a break on the price for 4 of them?  Either way, let me know the total with shipping to Toronto, Canada, plz.  Thanks!

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