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  1. My MBSID is now ready to work. Unfortunately I found out now that a 4x20 lcd is just supported by the wilba and the classic mbsid just supports a 2x20 by default "fimware" (Its also cheaper than a 2x20) I still struggling with programming, I tried to setup the win7 chain but I stucked as I couldn't activate some plug in settings as described and gave up. I want to set it up at my mac but I'm not sure if the manual is still working with mojave. Some things are also not clear to understand for me. Do I just have to change the program line for initialising a 4x20 or do I have to crawl in the wilba code and copy/redesign the lcd code for showing up all the stuff? If it would be so easy to just change a line would be someone so kind to edit the code for me?
  2. Because SID Clones are cool and from time to time a new one appear, this List could be helpful to get an overview. Feel free to add new or further Information where to buy/whatever... (Technically they are no real Clones they are emulations on microchips) SwinSID http://www.swinkels.tvtom.pl/swinsid/ (DIY possible) TKs SwinSID Review->http://ucapps.de/midibox_sid_manual_swinsid.html Arduino/Atmega based Replacement, cheap but simple Mostly sold on ebay (about 15-20€) SwinSID Ultimate Improved SwinSiD Full describtion https://www.polyplay.xyz/SwinSID-Ultimate (Audio in for Feedback) FPGASID An FPGA based SID ;) further Infos: http://www.fpgasid.de/ Forum http://midibox.org/forums/topic/20289-the-fpgasid-project/ (Audio in for Feedback) ARMSID (Recommended solution April, 2021) ARM Cortex M4 based SID (Please read further informations from drwestbury, jjonas and Martin Lukazek at page 2 of this thread) Info and shopping https://www.retrocomp.cz/produkt?id=2 BackSID (New) ARM Cortex? Info, Shipping: https://store.backbit.io/product/backsid/ (Just possible to add one to the basket) SIDKICK (DIY) Teensy 4.1 (ARM Cortex M7) + PCB. Attention, this one is big and maybe don't fit inside your Midibox. Based on ReSID engine. Nice Features like switching trough different SID Models. See also page 2 of this thread. https://github.com/frntc/SIDKick FREESID (DIY) Teensy 4.0 (ARM Cortex M7) + PCB Possibility to modify/recode the Firmware. Stereo SID Emulation (Early Alpha Firmware (No Filter, ADSR Bug), PCB available from the builder here:https://www.uni64.com/c/pcb-platinen/free-public-domain) UltiSID (Ext. ->Forum Link) https://www.forum64.de/index.php?thread/113715-ultisid-new-stm32-sid-chip-replacement/ Dual 6581 SID Emulator (DIY) Teensy 3.5 (ARM Cortex M4) + PCBs (no good Plug and Play for MBoxes, look at the Dimensions) Code is based on ReSID Engine which is the Soundengine of the VICE C64 Emulator Infos: https://hackaday.io/project/159917-dual-6581-sid-emulator It is possible/necessary to configure SwinSID Ultimate, FPGA and ARMSID (6581/8580 mode, Filter mode) you need a working C64 for this and a sd2iec or something similar. Keep that in mind. Read with which configuration they will be shipped and may ask the seller if he can configure it to fit your needs. ARMSID offers a standalone and DIY Arduino based solution to configure ARMSIDs without a C64 https://retrocomp.cz/produkt?id=67
  3. Hi all So like some other folks around here, it's the MB6582 bug that has now got me. But before I commit, I wondered about the status of obtaining the right SID clones vs tracking down the old ones. I've seen various older postings about the clones and some comments to the sound quality. These days, which SID clone would be best used today in a MB6582? Or is simply sticking to the original SID still the way to go, despite their age (and maybe fake ones floating around)? Thanks for any guidance.
  4. I am looking for something more professionally manufactured PCBs or ready-made modules (Core8 and/or Sid Module). If someone has left in Europe and no longer needs it - please PM me. Thanks, rio.
  5. Hi all, I am very happy I seem to have 10 SID chips, 8 X 6581 amd two 8580R5's I would like to make two synths with them, one "MIDIBox MB6582" and one "sammichSID" Would this be possible with this SID's I have? I have these SID's: 6581R4 1686 S MB6582 MIDIBox 6581 CBM 4184 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581 CBM 4184 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581 CBM 1485 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581 4982 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581 R3 0686 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581R3 4885 MB6582 MIDIBox 6581R3 4885 MB6582 MIDIBox 8580R5 2989 25 sammichSID 8580R5 0388 25 sammichSID I am a total newbie advise how to start is highly appreciated!
  6. Im familiar with pcb kit building and will be able to assemble my parts fine but ive got a few midibox platform questions Ive ordered 2 core8 pcbs, 2 midibox sid pcbs, and a midibox genesis pcb. Is it best to use the two sids with a core8 and the genesis with the other core8? Or is there a way to use all the modules with the same core? Ive done some research and cant find any evidence of the sid pcb supporting more than one sid, so im assuming that unless its the mb-6582 its one sid per sid-pcb. Im aware the mb-6582 uses a more expensive pic device, not sure if i would need this for multiple sids with the modules I've got My aim is to be able to construct a device that can be used as a synthesizer, running as a slave synced to a daw running on my computer, are there any additional modules i'll need for this? Thanks for being patient if these questions turn out to be really common, i did check first but it wasnt as clear-cut as i was hoping
  7. Hi, i am starting projecting custom stereoSID board based on STM32F4-disco dev layout (but no discovery board, only the mcu), since PICs are already outdated, can the PIC SID firmware be ported to STM32? I am working at evenings in local company having access to Autotronik machine which can do all smd hardwork. After the finish i will share the board if anyone want to build the same. PS It's planned as mostly smd, besides SID and some hard-to-locate components. And may be i'll orient it as board for ArmSID or SwinSID only because then it will have 5v only power supply, thoughts? edit: i didnot noticed i have sources for 2.044. I'll try to dig what's inside the code.
  8. Hi Guys, First of all, sorry about starting with a question here. I remember I was around 19-20 when I first heard about uCapps, it was too difficult to me as a DIY project. Now, I'm 33, built a few hardwares, like a Eurorack system, a few rack effects (compressor, eq) a bunch of pedals of course, and a 30 unit Buchla system. A few days ago I was just hanging on the internet, when I read something about a MidiBox thing, totally blew me away when I realised that I've been ignoring this page for such a long time. Now, I'm here :D As I'm not really interested in MIDI controllers, my first choice is the SID. I have a MSSIAH modded C64, now I'm ready to build a smaller thing to use it in an everyday basis. (It is not really hard to source a C64 in Hungary these days, a few clicks on FB to check if somebody have one in the attic...trust, somebody always have one :D ) Anyway, I have some total n00b questions : (I know, I should read the WIKI, I'm already after that.) - I'd like to build the total minimum version, because I can create a handsome little M4L editor to it an with this, I can store the presets with the Live projects. For this little setup, If I understood correctly, I need only the core PCB, the SID PCB, a power supply, maybe a bank stick and the SID, am I right? - Is it possible to solder create a small PCB, instead of using the BankStick? Is it easy to re-write the presets? 127 patches are far more that enough for me. - I have a PICkit 3 programmer, can I use this to program the PIC? - About the power supply, let's say, a 12V DC PSU, 1000mAh is enough to power both boards? - I'm a bit confused about the engines thing. So, can I use the module without the controls? I mean, can you access all of the parameters VIA CC or SySex? Well, I can't think anything else now... Thank you very much for the help in advance guys!
  9. My MIDIBOX SID build is using the MB-6582 main board and a custom control surface. I'm building it inside a VIC-20 case and the control surface is built on a modified keyboard using the keys as buttons. The encoders I got push up through the holes in the keyboard tray. Due to a lack of room I'm not including the matrix. LEDs are placed around the keyboard area and my attached layout shows where I'm thinking of putting them. I went through a bunch of different layout ideas and ultimately went with whats attached. I tried to keep knobs near the edges so i can put labels right next to them. My goal is to have the chosen keycaps represent the button functions, but I'm limited by the fact that I only have a single keycap set. I'm using the old PET style keys so its hard to get extras without paying an arm and leg. Hence I'd love to have two CTRL keys, but I only have one so I'm using A for Osc knobs ENV/MISC/ASSIGN selector. While I think I tried to place everything as optimally as possible, I lack the experience of using these devices so I thought I'd see if any of you seasoned MIDIBOXers might have any thoughts, suggestions, or see any obvious pitfalls I might be missing with what I choose to do. For anyone interested, I'm documenting my progress on a blog on my website: http://www.fallenturtle.com/c64blog Thanks!
  10. ALL SOLD. Thanks for the interest everyone! For sale: two complete MB6582 kits. Price is per kit; housing/panels and SID chips sold separately — see below. The only things missing are LCDs, LEDs, power supplies, internal fans, pushbuttons, and half of the encoders -- all easy to obtain. [SOLD] kit available @ $100 [SOLD] housing/panels available @ $40 [SOLD] 8x 6582 available @ $40 ea., (from Wilba w/ capacitors) tested [SOLD] 8x 6581 available @ $30 ea., still testing [SOLD] 3x relabeled (fakes) 6581R4AR, still testing I have been sitting on these for years + just don’t have the time / drive to get to them. Will consider bundled pricing on the SID chips. Buyer pays shipping. Details TBD. Thanks!
  11. Started putting together the external filter for my sid. I am trying out the ssi2144. I have not seen anyone post about using one on here yet. I have the adapter boards for them. All I have to say is that is some super small soldering! I think I have them in good shape though! I reviewed the schematics and it looks like it should work ok. The ssi 2144 has slightly different recommended caps then the SSM2044. I ordered the recommended caps forom the data sheet for the ssm and the ssi I may test both to see if I hear a difference. Will likely go with the recommended caps from the data sheet. There are a few other minor resistance changes on the data sheets too but not sure if they are required I will have to see how it sounds. The adapter are from https://www.amsynthstore.co.uk/SSI2144_to_SSM2044_Adapter_PCB/p1461448_17854795.aspx modular addict sells them too but had been out of stock. https://syntherjack.net/ssi2144-to-ssm2044-vcf-converter/ also has published an file for them as well but I only needed a few of them... for 1.5 I picked up a few extra incase I broke them. If they all work may build another filter for something else. Did I mention that solder pitch is tiny!!! Here are the caps the ones on the left are for the ssm and the ones on the right are for the ssi. C19-C24 10nF, 6.8NF for SSI2144 6 STYROFLEX 10N C25,C26 820pF, 560pF for SSI2144 2 STYROFLEX 820P
  12. Hi all, I'm clearing out unfinished projects and found this MidiBox SID that I'll never complete. The individual modules were tested after construction, the SID chip was removed from a working C64, and the construction was done in my old university electronics lab. That said, it's been sitting in storage for a dozen years, and I no longer have the equipment (or time) to do any testing or additional work. I'd like it to go to a member of this community if possible! The following lot is for sale: MBHP SID Module V2 with MOS 6581 R3 (production date 2185) MBHP Core V3 with MIOS Bootstrap v 1.1B, SmashTV circuit board MBHP Digital In Module V2, SmashTV circuit board Commodore 128 power supply P/No. 310416-01 with female connector (not pictured below, sorry!) Optrex DMC2066 2x40 LCD ribbon cables for connecting all of the above modules I will not part this lot out, though you may opt out of the C128 power supply (heavy!) and/or LCD (dime a dozen) if you like. Please make a fair offer if interested. You pay actual shipping from 97633, or meet me in southern Oregon. USA buyers only, please.
  13. Hi forum, I am planning to use one or more 8580 sid's for my first MB project. Several are offered on *bay at around 30-40 euros either as single chips or (presumably functional) inside a late version c64. Are there any alternative source you guy's would share - one with fair price and good track record? Preferably inside Europe. thanks
  14. I don't quite understand the theory behind this. Maybe someone could advice me an article or explain briefly. Why most of analog oscillators are very sensitive to temperature and tuning them is a real challenge while SID is not?
  15. Update: SIDs are all sold... thanks to the buyers & have fun :) Hi, while clearing my storage out, I found a couple of 6582a SID Chips which I purchased a couple of years ago from Wilba's bulk order. The chips are new and unused. Still sitting in the tubes which I originally received from Wilba. Have been stored warm and dry :) Have a total of 12 8 zero SIDs 6582a available. Per piece EUR 30,- plus shipping. Would prefer to sell them in pairs or multiple pairs. Payment via SEPA transfer to my account of Paypal F&F. Please leave me a message if you are interested. Thanks & regards, Frank
  16. i have a strange problem with my sidbox; it seems it does not send any sysex messages. my setup: -macbook with 10.9.5 -neusonik im/one midi-interface (successor of the uMIDI/O22 on the whitelist, claimed to be technically identic) -sidbox (one core, two sids, latest firmware (v2_044)) Uploading the firmware works fine and i can also send patches from computer to sidbox (e.g. taken from the vintage bank). But if i click "receive patch" or "receive bank", the sidbox only sends short stuff like "F0 00 00 7E 4B 00 F7" or "F0 00 00 F7". Same thing when trying to dump with "shift+button5" from the sidbox CS. The different patch editors (tried jsynthlib, ctrlr and the MBSIDV2-Editor) also need bidirectional sysex, so don't work either. i tried with another synth (ML-303; i think TK took a hand in this one, too :-D) to check if it is caused by the midi interface (or something else inside OSX or the software), but with this one, i can store/dump patches in both directions. i'm a bit perplexed; getting "Application is up & running!" and clock ticks indicates that the sidbox's midi-out port is working and there is no wiring error (there is only one TX-pin on the PIC..); the test with the 303 indicates that my midi-IF/computer/software setup should properly transmit sysex data in both directions. So why can't i get data from the sidbox? is there any option i could have missed? any ideas? regards
  17. I'm wondering what hardware options with lotsa knobs might exist to edit the Midibox SIDs and sammichSIDs?
  18. Things are going well with my Midibox SID construction... I've finished the CORE board and I'm loading up the SID board, but I've gotten to the point where I"m looking more into how I'm going to wire up things. I have questions and google and search on this forum aren't helping me find answers (not that they aren't there, but I'm having trouble finding them). Anyway, here it goes: LCD Wiring: While both the CORE4d and my LCD use a 16(2x8) pin connector the pin mapping is completely different. I'm wondering what's the best/easiest method for rerouting the wires in the ribbon cable... My thought was either simply cut the cable in half, separate the individual wires, connect the correct wires to each other, solder, and heat shrink them. While the colors repeat twice, the ribbon wires are color coded, so that will help make that less a headache I think. The alternative I though of was to use additional connectors and headers on a piece of stripboard and do the remapping on the board, essentially creating a little conversion board. Buttons Connections: I haven't found a wiring diagram to explain which buttons connect to which pins on the SmashTV DIN board but I did find the assignments in the software code, so I figured I'll create a chart for others in the future who have this question. I do wonder if there is a best practice or something for how to wire up all the ground pins. Do I chain them in someway? MIDI Connector wires: For the 3 wires needed for each of these I thought I might butcher an old floppy drive ribbon cable into 3 wire strips. The gauge of this wire is pretty small, will that be an issue with the MIDI signal? Audio Connector wires: Do I need a specific gauge and/or shielded cable for these connections? Thanks!
  19. Hello! I ran into peculiar problem with my good old Sammich and can´t figure out what might be the problem. Any tips are more than welcome :) I built the thing myself about 6 years ago. It has worked fine for a long time but after a small break i noticed this: Left output functions OK. RIght output is completely dead. I swapped the SID chips to see if it was the chip but the problem remained the same i.e. sound comes from left but not from right. So the SID chips seems OK. Then i swapped the M74.. IC´s below the SIDs but no change in the issue. So I tried to probe-listen directly from the SID audio out pin and the left SID sounds ok and right one gives some quiet hiss/crackle (not completely dead as in the audio output though, but also not noticeable notes). In other words both SID chips works just correctly but not when installed to the right side/right output. Been trying to search for bad soldering (well, i´m not too pro but still haven´t found any actualy mistakes or cold joints) but i´m wondering what the heck might cause this problem? I have a couple of different wallwarts with appropriate specs, and as I mentioned, this thing has worked before for some years... Thanks!! :)
  20. Hello. i have a sammichSID and im looking for a software (specially for windows) that allows me to play sid music files / format from the internal sids of the sammichSID . Is that possible ?
  21. Hi there! i have a keyboard with 8 sliders and 8 knobs, all midi cc assignable. What do u believe would be the optimal parameters setup (16 of them only) to control my midibox sid? Im working with two sids in a stereo config.
  22. Hi, As i said in an other message, my original plan was simply to put my old SID V1 back to life. I wanted to put it in a RACK 1U because i have too many little boxes everywhere around here. Very quickly i decided to upgrade the PIC and add a second SID to have a stereo V2. Then the project has grown. Here is the current status... The rack front panel (screenshot from front panel designer) : The knobs will be pots. I played a little with one pot on my mockup and it's very fun to control parameters with them. The 2 surface control PCBs : (They include the 74hc595 and 165 so they can directly be plugged on J8/J9 on core) And the most ambitious one : This is a Core + 2 SID on 10x10cm PCB + CAN (diode & resistor) + 4 mem chips. (With one jumper and 2 wires it's possible to use the 4 other 24LC512 of another PCB in adition to the main local 4.) One of the goal is to easily link up to 4 PCBs like this as SID v2 allows. I'll double check the PCBs and will order them. So there will be some time before the next update. I'll make all the files of this project available when it's finished. PCB are made with Kicad. Thanks Thorsten for documenting so well everthing, Xavier
  23. Hi, I have build my own full CS midibox SID V2 and I have problem to get control over SID slaves. When I press SID2, SID3 or SID4 buttons I will get "SID(x) not available (CAN disabled)" message on the screen. I have checked connections between core modules many times and check signals with oscilloscope. Master core is sending something at the startup but after that CAN bus seems to be quiet. Do I have to activate CAN bus from asm files (same where buttons,encoder and leds are mapped?)? I also have 1k pull up resistor on RX signal (signal that goes to core RB3 pin). PIC ID's I have also checked and those are ok. So only master core sid control is working at the time. Any ideas how to get all slave cores working? MBSID V2 software version that I'am using is 2.044, bootloader 1.2b and MIOS is1.9h Br, Jeppe
  24. Hello lovely people of this board, i'm searching for a sammichSID. I'm located in Germany. I would pay you with Paypal and of course taking the PP fees and postage + your asked price. Of course i pay you before you send the unit to me. Thank you for your time reading this. Best UPDATE: Get one. Thank you derkollo!! :D
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