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GLCD 128x64 connection to STM32F4

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where do we connect the CS1 and CS2 of a GLCD 128x64 to the STM32F4 core.

This is the way I think should be connected:

GLCD        STM32F4
1(CS1)       ?
2(CS2)       ?
3(VSS)       VS(J15A) + 10K Pot
4(Vdd)        VD(J15A)
5(Vo)          10K Pot
6(D/I)          ?  R/S(J15A)
7(R/W)        RW(J15A)
8(E)             E(J15A)
9(DB0)        D0(J15A)
10(DB1)      D1(J15A)
11(DB2)      D2(J15A)
12(DB3)      D3(J15A)
13(DB4)      D4(J15A)
14(DB5)      D5(J15A)
15(DB6)      D6(J15A)
16(DB7)      D7(J15A)
17(RST)      ?
18(VEE)      10K Pot
19(A)           B+(J15A)
20(K)           B-(J15A)

Attached the specifications of the GLCD

I searched for this all over the site but I didn’t find anything about it. Have I missed something?

Thank you


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