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Simultaneous bank and program change messages to several cores

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I was using MBSEQ (4.94, 4.95pre10) with my MBSID so that I was using the seq's Track Event menu's function to send a Program Change and Bank Change message at start of the pattern.

I have two tracks, the first one to MBSID core1 on channel 1, and the second one to MBSID core2 on channel two. It would seem MBSID gets confused with these "simultaneous" PC and bank select messages, as with my other multitimbral synth (Waldorf Blofeld) there's no comparable problem in the same situation. Here's what happens.

  1. If I send a PC and Bank Select message on Ch1 but not on Ch2, Ch1 selects program and bank as expected.
  2. If I send a PC and Bank Select message on Ch2 but not on Ch1, Ch2 selects program and bank as expected.
  3. If I send one PC and Bank Select message on Ch1 and another one Ch2, Ch1 one selects program and bank as expected, but Ch2 switches as expected only when it's on some other program and bank than the one the message orders it to select; if it's on a different program and bank, the selection works. But if it's on the same program and bank, the program/bank selection is as expected on the screen, but the actual sound is the basic "Lead Patch" (I've tested only on the lead engine). If you now turn the MBSID's main encoder to select the next patch, and then turn it back to select the original one, it is the patch that the PC and bank select message was supposed to select. So somehow the messages select the right patch and bank, but MBSID nevertheless plays a "Lead Patch" (or something that sounds very much like it).

So, it would seem that receiving two "simultaneous" PC and Bank Select messages works ok for the first target core, but not for the second. At the moment I cannot test whether it is like this for all cores (2-4) after the first.

Can someone else replicate this?


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