[SOLD] Full MB Seq V4 kit w MIDI, LCDs, knobs (soldered but not working)

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I have a Midibox Seq V4 with all the parts soldered but I couldn't get the LCDs and/or OS to function. This is the full kit with DISC board, control surface, knobs, LEDs, MIDI I/O. This includes rotary encoders, knobs, switches, standoffs, etc. If you can get this working then you have a fully functional barebones MB Seq v4. 

The main board was functioning properly then I took a few months off before soldering the control surface, and MIDI I/O. I went to plug everything together and the LCDs didn't register. I spent some weeks troubleshooting, cleaning solder points, reuploading the firmware and couldn't get it to work. Frustrated, I gave up. So it has just been sitting on my shelf now for a year. I spent about $500 on parts and would like to at least get partially reimbursed for this kit. But please send me your best offer. I am in Brooklyn, New York.



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