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Feature Request: MIDI control of all button functions, with LED Feedback

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Since the MBSEQV4+ is imminent, it would be great if all of the standard button functions on the SEQ and whatever new functions will be on the new V4+ were made accessible via MIDI, with LED feedback signals to allow fully functional MIDI interfaces to be built.  Right now, a lot of SEQ functionality is accessible via CC, SYSEX, and NRPN, which is great - don't get rid of that stuff.  But there is no LED feedback signalling which would allow illuminating buttons on MIDI devices just like the buttons on the standard SEQ.  (Like the GP buttons, for example - on the SEQ, they light up in color - unless I'm mistaken, there's currently no way for a MIDI controller script to receive lighting signals for any of the buttons.

Take a look at the picture attached to this post - two Novation Launchpad Minis line up perfectly with the 16 GP buttons and knobs on the current SEQ -  the launchpad works as a BLM already - if there was midi access to the button functions and lighting, we could build SEQ V4+'s with just the 40x2 LCDs and one row of encoders - all the rest of the button functionality could be offloaded onto the Launchpads.  (or onto any other midi controller, for that matter), and if LED feedback worked as well, MIDI devices would work just as well as DIY hardware SEQ interfaces...  For those of us with midi controllers sitting around, this would allow some pretty neat designs at very low cost.


It would be great if you could configure MIDI connectivity in the MBSEQ_HW.V4 file - so that all of the hardware buttons you can configure for DIY hardware could alternatively be mapped to MIDI right in the hardware config file (or maybe in a MBSEQ_MIDI.V4 file or something.

Anyway, given the extra capacity on the V4+ core, I thought there might be room for this sort of functionality...


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