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Now i am a born again Cubase virgin, not haven used Cubase for 20 years. Started using Cubase 10 recently

and noticed that there are some really useful features that may or may not be useful to people who make MIDIbox control surfaces

to control DAW's.


Firstly, i noticed that Steinberg include features to "easily" assign 8 x physical tactile control (outputting MIDI CC messages) to various features in Cubase 

which include quiet a large array of plug ins parameters. This feature is called "Quick Control".

This, however limits you to only 8 controllers per track and 8 controllers globally.


Where i thought this was great and very useful, I also thought that it was very limiting. As some plug ins, or should i say quite a lot of plug ins, have more than 8 x things that need to be controlled. And in fact, if you are a pro working on a mix down, it isn't uncommon for you to want to control more than just one plug in per track.

Perhaps the same plug ins on each track but which still means that you need more than 8 controllers per track.


I did notice there is another feature that is used with Quick Control, that can also be used with some high-er end control surfaces, which I believe works outside the Quick Control

driver / feature.


This feature is called their remote control editor, and can be used up to 8 controls with Quick Controls

but outside quick controls, can be used with control surfaces that use one of the following select platforms:

Yamaha NUACE
Euphonix System 5 - MC
Avid Artists Series

WK Audio ID

 This feature has the potential to unlock a large amount of parameters in Cubase, so that potentially you can design the most interesting and useful

control surfaces ever.

Although, i am not a programmer or MIDI box expert, so not sure how easy it would be to work out how to rev eng their protocols or drivers

so that you can then use it to expand the amount of features and parameters you can control with your own control surfaces.

Anyone understand how this drivers for the control surfaces that are compatible with remote control editor works?


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