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I was wondering if someone could help me with some basic advice with regards to what MIDI box modules I am going to need to get for my first learning experiment into the MIDIbox universe.

For my first experiment i would like to make a controller that can be used to control a specific plug in which i use in Cubase.

Lets say for example. a tape delay emulation plugin. Which i am fond of. For example. say the UAD EP 34


Which uses 6 rotary encoders (perhaps with LED rings), 1 x Fader and 6 toggle switches. Although i understand that Cubase only allows max 8 using Quick Control mapping of generic hardware to plug ins. I do not think that any more than 8 physical controllers can be mapped to plug ins used on inserts if the control surface is using the Mackie control surface protocol / driver. However perhaps i am wrong, as i am not an expert in this area. And you guys will likely know more about this.

Just to clarify, i was wondering 
which modules i will need to use to make a basic control surface to control the bellow plug in. I was also wondering if it is possible to connect an Ethernet output, which may be used at a later date when i can work out how to use the EUCON. Thanks

I will firstly need a core module.

What others modules do you recommend i need.

Do i need a MIDI module for MIDI I/O or can this be done by the built in USB 

I guess i need Analogue module as well?

If i were to employ LCD rings, would i also need a special module for this? Although my first experiment with MDIbox, i will likely not use LED rings,

so as to keep it simple, rather than make my own life hard

thanks for any help


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Would the following do the job?

CORE_STM32 Module

AINSER64 (is this all i need or do i need an DIN and/or DOUT module?, as I plan to use absolute rotary encoders)

MIDI_IO Module? (or can i rely on the built in USB on the STM32F4DISCOVERY) or do i need a USB GM5 Module?

LCD Infos (just for added effect prior to using LED Rings)







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