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Problem with midimessages on Linux (Raspbian)


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Hi !


im trying to build a cheap cdj-styled usb-mp3-player with a raspberry and i went into trouble with the midi-messages from my STM32F4-Core Midibox.

I got some pitchfaders, buttons and encoders which i want to use to test walmartone MIXXX(a DJ-SW)-performance.

On my windows-machine everything works like a charm with Traktor.


I receive the messages with the 

amidi -p hw:1,0,0 -d

command. hw:1,0,0 is the adress of the midibox.

For the pitchfaders (midipitch-message) i receive 3 bytes as desired. I use the SendPitchBend-Command for that.


For Buttons (MIOS32_Send_CC) i receive lots of junk with the right message at the end:

F0 00 00 7E 32 00 0D 40 42 75 74 74 6F 6E 20 38 20 67 65 64 72 75 65 63 6B 74 00 F7
BE 08 7F

It should be (Channel 15 CC 08 Value 0x7F)


For encoders (MIOS32_Send_CC too) there are also lots of junk bytes in the message:

BE 1E 7F
F0 00 00 7E 32 00 0D 40 45 6E 63 6F 64 65 72 20 30 3A 20 31 00 F7

In this case the right Message is at the beginning: (Channel 15 CC 30 Value 0x7F)

How to get rid of that junkbytes? MIXXX works fine on the pitchfaders but it cant read the buttons and encoders.

I already tried to compile my app without 




as i need that setting for windows but there was still the junkbytes in it.


Anyone experiend something like this on Linux? How to get rid of these junkbytes? For me the junkbytes doesnt make any sense. But they are always the same at the specific buttons and encoders....

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