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DIY Fatar TP/40 Master midi-keyboard


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Hey all!

First of all, I'm new to the forum and have already learned a lot over the last day, so thank you for that.
The reason I am writing is because I have recently managed to acquire a completely new keybed of the type Fatar TP/40GH. Managed to buy it very cheap at an auction from a music store that went bankrupt.
The keybed is originally intended to be a spare for a Nord Piano 3 & 4 (that's why I think it's a GH, the package only specifies "TP/40" and the store has, as I said, gone bankrupt so i can't ask...)

My plan is to turn the piano bed into a master midi keyboard like the Doepfer PK88, but I'm pretty unsure how.

I do not know if the electronics in the keybed are from Nord or from Fatar.
Regardless, I'm not sure how I would proceed. Is there anyone here who can help me transform this amazing keybed into a midi keyboard?

This link will forward you to an album with multiple images of the keybed: https://app.photobucket.com/u/gameboygeek/a/db091580-ac08-4523-a37d-f666ff5c11a5/p/9f5fe070-7482-496a-a487-faeca42c0b6f
Three cables run from the circuit board.

The only external input i want is a sustain pedal. 

Briefly about me: I know how to solder and have previously worked with circuit boards. Have a master in information systems so will probably understand the process. However, I'm not very good at coding if needed.



P.s. apologize if I posted this in the wrong place, as I said is new to the forum ( but I have read the rules).
Pp.s. I've read this post but need more help.


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