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DIY Masterkeyboard Piano

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I'm new on forum so I'd like to say Hello to everyone.

And sory for possible mistakes, my English is still not as good as i want it to be. :)

I'm a home musican and before the Christmas i get really nice offer. I bought Studiologic SL-880 for low price with some issues. When i get it and check everything, it seems to be firmware problem. Some of the buttons are not responding some of them are ok, but you cant change no parameters. All keys on keyboard sending te midi signal to the computer (tested with MIDI-OX) but sometimes is doubled, sometimes is holded, sometimes is to loud, sometimes to silent. I checked all diodes, resistors and stuff that i can check, and its ok. So i think this is a mainboard problem which is common problem on this masterkeyboard (failed studiologic electronics). But, keys are in a perfect condition, really they working flawlessly, and the action is really good. So I'd like to make a masterkeyboard with a digital piano look, using this keybed.

And here is the point where i need help from more experienced humans :)

I read this forum and ucapps and it seems that Midibox KB is the deal.
But I'm not sure. I will wrote here what i need to do, and maybe if you will be that kind, you will tell me exactly what modules will be the right one.
I'm not a electronics engineer, but I know how to use multimeter, how to solder, just a guy who like to DIY sometimes.

Firstly the keyboard. It's a FATAR one. It's almost identical with TP/40 88GH, only the color of some parts is different, but i think it can be just some older model, or older revision, than the one which is in production right now.


There are 2 connectors:


I read that it will work with MBHP_DIO_MATRIX module, i need only to do some adaptor.

But next, there are two strips (i think that they are the aftertouch):


And they are attached to the 4 pin connectors:


Next one is mod and pitch wheel:


All cables from two aftertouch strips and pitch/mod wheel are combined into the two 4pin connectors:


And everything is connected to the board:


I dont know which one of this cables goes where on the MBHP_CORE_LPC17 (if I will use this one) module :(
Just dont know where i need to attach them. And the last thing is sustain pedal. I dont know too where i need to attach him.
Everything else seems to be clear for me.
I need to solder the elements to the board, install the program, and use some command to program the module. So alone I will be able to make the keyboard working. But i need aftertouch, mod/pitch wheels and sustain pedal too.
So if you can help me, i will be really glad.

Best wishes,
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Hi Aki,


I think I can help you with your project.


First of all you need a core-module. I suggest to go with the STM32F4 Board, because this one is up2date. You can get the PCB from smashtv / avi-showtech or I can send you one, depending on where are you located. 

Second you need a DIO Matrix module. This you can also get at smash or from me. Than you will need adapter. You are a lucky guy because I designed a adapter, that's made for plug and play. On one side you plugin the keyboard connectors and on the other side 1:1 connectors to the DIO-Board. Nothing else needed.


For analog signals like aftertouch, pedals, wheels, etc. you will need an AINSER module. I suggest to go with the AINSER8, because you won't need more. You have two aftertouchstrips... one is for the black keys and one for the white keys. 


If you have any further questions, just let me know.

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Hello FantomXR,


Thx for your reply.


It will be amazing if you could help me with this.

And I would be very interested to getting PCB's and adapter from you.

I just need to know which one cable from my aftertouch strips, pitch/mod wheel and sustain pedal goes to the which one pin on the AINSER module.

If you could spend some time and maybe look on photos that i did and write me in the language that i can understan, you know example: white cable goes to the pin 1 on the module, black cable goes... etc...

I would be very grateful, because i have an idea what to do, but dont have enought knowlege to get this done.


Best wishes,

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I will try to help you, but you should learn about ucapps bei yourself. This is more helpful than ask for every detail. The connection to the AINSER is really easy. I'm sure you figure it out. If you need any help anyway, pls ask again. 


The problem with my PCBs is, that the MIDI-Connectors aren't working. USB is no problem. So if you just need USB, this will work. If you need the MIDI sockets, you'd need to go with the official STM-Core.

But I could send you the adapter. Just send me a PM with your details.



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In your first post MichaÅ‚ you indicated that the notes would be too loud or soft or would double or not play at all.  To me it sounds like your keyboard is having problems with the contacts.  I don't know if going with new hardware will help.  It still might be a good exercise to do this since you have this site to help you understand now this dumb things works.  It will be a great learning experience. 


Respectfully yours,  Pete

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I already clean all contacts and check pads.

It's not a keyboard problem because the whole edit section dont work properly or sometimes dont work at all. 4 ZONES switch dont respond at all...

I want firstly reinstall firmware and i searched alot in the internet and it seems that many people have more or less similar problems like me.

Some guy asked studiologic to give the firmware files to users that they can reinstall it, but they just dont...

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