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Too cheap 64 RGB Pads control surface Worlde Orca Pad64


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Hello pads players, has anybody tried this control surface ? I bought it on aliexpress and was disappointed not because of the hardware but the firmware seems half baked, no update to the software configuration tool since 2018, with MIDI input driver missing, fixed LED flashing patterns that cannot be edited or disabled, with bugs that change some status LEDs on peripheral buttons, and dazzling brightness without dimmer control.
Is it worth attempting to rewrite from scratch an open source firmware ? The microcontroller is a Cortex-M4 family Nuvoton M472LE6AE. The LEDs are serial linked probably through a 800 kb/s variable bit width protocol, Would it become more attractive if we could define what is sent by each pad and key, what kind of light effect it triggers, how to send animations patterns then trigger them, or 64 RGB pixel mapping ? I would also enjoy a composite USB device with HID for a computer keyboard mode, using higher pressure instead of shift/caps_lock to type caps...
Otherwise I could sell it for a few €'s to anybody who's interested to recycle the buttons, pads, neopixels, case, PCB template to build a midibox BLM.

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