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Help with MIdi Keyboard/controller Build


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Hello, I'm building atm a Midi Keyboard/controller, but I'm struggling a lot to find affordable options for keybeds, I'm not looking for anything fancy or amazing, just something that do their job well enough, I'm trying to expend the least amount possible, I've got my hands in a old Cassio CA-110, and done all the wiring and code with Arduino, everything works great, except the fact that keyboard is waaay to big for me, I'm looking to build something with 25/32 keys, but every keybed I found so far for that has been very expensive Midi controllers, and that's just not a great option since I'm already building one. Does anyone know where I could get some cheap 25/32 keys keybed? I've found a bunch of toy pianos online that seems to be okay for this, but I'm not sure they have a matrix (and I'm a bit afraid to buy and just go to trash), and I'm not looking into wiring every single key lol, anyway, any help appreciated.

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