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Official commercial MIDIbox support from midiphy


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You may have noticed, that in the last months I haven’t visited the forum so often anymore.

Please don’t worry about that, everything fine at my side. :happy:

Sometimes I need a certain distance to my legacy projects to enjoy other parts of my life, and to explore new fields. Only this way I can stay creative, and I’m sure that with inspirations and motivations that I collect during such a break I will come back sooner or later with some fresh ideas. Last time I did this, I switched from MIOS8 to the MIOS32 platform thereafter :)

I won’t completely disappear, and from time to time I might sporadically release updates for MIDIbox SEQ and NG - but I won’t spend so much time for user support & development of new feature requests in the next months until I feel that the right time has come to focus on MIDIbox again.

Until then I’m asking the community to help each other. :happy:

MIDIbox is definitely not dead, many people still build the projects and get support from experienced forum members, although it became more difficult to get PCBs and parts.

Last but not least with Peter and Andy we have strong contributors who founded midiphy in 2018 as a sustaining function for „Premium DIY“ products derived from MIDIbox.

I gave them the right to use the MIDIbox platform commercially outside of the normal MIDIbox license, since they have my full trust that they deliver the best quality and ensure, that their customers won’t be disappointed.

Recently we came together and talked about how to proceed in the future. Peter and Andy pointed out, that they have to spend a significant amount of their time to provide the service, so I agreed that some contributions can’t be provided as open source anymore, such as the implementation of new major features in existing projects, new MIDIbox based products, documentation updates, customer focused support, etc.

In other words: to protect midiphy contributions and ensure, that Peter and Andy will be compensated for their efforts, I hereby permit that they can provide MIDIbox derived products as closed source.

The MIDIbox license otherwise stays unaltered: by default, no commercial use is allowed. Thus, commercial use of MIDIbox software or hardware has to be approved by me on a case-by-case basis. In general, it will only be granted to entities who have worked in the forums for years, have a proven track-record of established projects based on MIDIbox and have shown their ongoing support efforts to users of these projects.

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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