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FM Frontpanel V-Pots / Matrix relationship


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hello together,

as i'm working on a frontpanel pcb for Midibox FM 1.4, i'd like to understand how the interaction between v-pots and the selection matrix (/and display?) works. Guess it would be easy to try out, once the box is finished, but i don't get the idea from the manual alone...

What makes me confused is, there are 6 matrix columns (x4 rows), but there are only 4 vpots columns. Do the V-Pots correspond to matrix rows (so i'd rather swap rows and columns to have the VPots visually aligned with their corresponding column), or is it independent of each other?

Is there a relationship between the V-Pots and  display locations (as with the select-buttons), so it might be worth locating them in a similar way?



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