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Location of unpack_me.zip?


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The precompiled MIOS Studio available for Linux on this page works on my desktop computer but not my Thinkpad T400 (both computers are running Arch Linux). Attempting to run it on the laptop gives an "illegal command" error message. (I'm not too familiar with these things, but the desktop is AMD while the laptop is Intel, perhaps that makes a difference if the downloadable version was compiled on an AMD computer?)

Anyway, I would like to attemp compiling it myself for the laptop, but I cannot locate the unpack_me.zip in the Github repository. The MIOS Studio page says, "The source code is available in the GIT Repository. It requires the Juce v2 release to compile; just unpack the files under tools/juce/unpack_me.zip", but there's no such file in the directory at the link. Where is it?

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