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sammichSID for sale (2x 6582A)


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Dear Midibox Community,

i would like to sell my sammichSID, which needs a little bit of love and service.

The device has not been used for many years and I would be happy if someone still has joy with the device.

The sammichSID has been built very carefully and cleanly around 2010.

  • Black Case
  • Red LEDs
  • Blue LCD
  • 2x 6582A SID-Chips inside

The device still seems to work flawlessly (as far as I could test it):
Microcontroller, Display, LEDs, MIDI, sound, push buttons.
Both SID chips are outputting sounds without errors.

Known Issues:

The "Rotary Encoder" is not working properly (parameter jumps).
The left acryl-part from the case is broken (during a move) and has been fixed temporary with a black sticker.

The matching PSU and a special audio cable (6.3 mm stereo to 2x 6.3 mm mono) are included.

The device is located in Germany. International shipping would be ok for me.

I have no idea what price is reasonable. Just make me an offer by PM.

Best regards

2x 6582A 





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