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Hi Johnc,

Will there be a ver.3 that will run with the older cores, such that I should hold up for a while on my project, and forget about adapting the QBAS 32x32 app?

no, I'm not planning to create new MIOS8 based applications anymore, adding the new features to the old platform is impossible. :-/

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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For the Record, with Jim Henry's help, I have a 32 x 32 matrix working. The code is the QBAS code with modifications Jim worked out over time.

I have it working a three manual keyboard soon to include the pedal, stops, pistons, etc. I concocted a setup of one din4x and one dout4x and it sits up under the keyboard. The core is a new (8bit)with the new mios and bootloader. It has only one problem, about .5sec latency on all three keyboards. Not excessive, but its there.

Strangely, in comparing your example code to the modified QBAS, I don't see anything referring to debouce timer in the QBAS, which is confusing, as there is no bounce at all. I looked in the sm_fast.inc code but didn't find it. Could it be someplace else?

Contrary to my previous email, I have in my possession the new LPC-17 processor, and am hoping that SMASHTV comes up with the pcb kits soon. It should be very easy to change over to the new setup by unplugging the din/douts from the old and into the new.


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