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Midification of a Crumar Performer - sustain pedal


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Hi all,

first I want to thank you TK and all the other friendly people here. And I know that I'm a little bit late...

A few years ago I midificated (that means only a MIDI IN) a Crumar Performer string synthesizer with an old PIC (that was lying around from other midibox projects) and Midio128 old version. I designed a little PCB that houses the optocouplers and mounted some of those PCBs beneath the keybed. It workes fine.

But when I used it yesterday controlled by another keyboard with a sustain pedal I remembered that the sustain-pedal-functionality doesn't work. And I would like to implement it. But after a look into the software code it seems that this will not be that easy for me. Is there anywhere a function implemented that buffers MIDI OFF messages for the DOUTs if the hold pedal ist pressed and sends them if it is depressed? Hope someone can help me.

Best clem!

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