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!! HARD FAULT !! at PC=0Xffff0201 when using SECTION CONTROL


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Hi, I have built the Midiphy version of the SEQ4+ and I stumbled upon some weird behaviour.

I tried to use the Section Control tool, but it crashes from the moment I press the E key and above on my external keyboard.
Then the screen shows “TODO page”. It still plays the partial sequence though, but When I press EDIT It sometimes returns back to the edit page but mostly it crashes and reads “!! HARD FAULT !! at PC=0Xffff0201”
This happens in every octave. I've tried several different keyboards.
The first three keys C, C# (from an external keyboard) work as intentioned, but from D on it shows errated LED flashing and from E it goes to a TODO page… weird

This whole behaviour renders the Section Control function useless of course.
Anyone experienced this before? Any ideas?

I'm on the latest firmware.

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Thanks for the feedback! It was a nice challenge to nail down this issue, because it only appears in conjunction with the TPD, which explains why many other MBSEQ users didn't notice this so far! :)

Please try this version: http://www.ucapps.de/mios32/midibox_seq_v4_098_pre3.zip

Best Regards, Thorsten.

P.S.: background -> https://github.com/midibox/mios32/commit/66fa4df5960d51c93ee90c065062c5ba28fdde69

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