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Midibox64 with 32analogs and 96 digital IO?


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I'm new to Midibox and have a short question. I just bought the parts for a MidiIO128 to midify the stop switches of my organ console for use with Hauptwerk (virtual pipe organ). So far, so good. Now I got the idea, it would be great to also use Midibox to build drawbars to control a NI B4 from the same console.

Guess the simple way would be to build a Midibox64 for the B4 and a MidiIO128 for Hauptwerk and chain them together, but I'll need to core modules for that.

Is it possible to get it all to work with one core module? I think I could work with 96 Digital I/Os and 32 analogs, I definitely need more than 64 digital I/Os for Hauptwerk stops plus B4 controls, though. Is this possible a) from a hardware point of view and b) would this require a lot of programming?

Thanks for your reply


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Check-out the Midification area for much more discussion of Midifying organ consoles.  I think you need a lot more than 96 digital inputs.  Each keyboard is 61 inputs.  Or are you just Midifying stops and pistons?  The switch matrix project might be of interest but it is still very much in development.

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