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MidiBox LC

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Midibox LC (and indeed other MBHP applications) are made by an interconnection of standard MBHP modules. This is why the design docs on the uCApps LC page (*.pdf's) consist of connection diagrams of standard modules. A constructor needs to refer to these diagrams as well as the schematics of the individual standard MBHP modules to form a complete picture.

Sometimes people ask "why is it not all together in one place with a complete parts list for the project?". I think the answer is that there are endless variations and customisations that are often desired. Another answer is that it is just plain hard work assembing and maintaining documentation (any volunteers?). As a builder of various midibox related projects, I've found it necessary to become really familiar with all the modules, to print out the various schematics and keep them in folders for each project. Everyone has their own prefered way to keep organised.

Anyhow, good luck with your project.


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Hi, some tips.

I started building a pretty small midibox first (a core, a AIN, and 18 pots) just to experiment and try understand the basics of the MBHP, the programming, possibilities etc.

If you plan on building a LC, I suggest that you first plan your needs and wishes (the great thing is that you can really build it to your needs), then make a panel layout, and figure out how to make you plan work. Almost anything is possible if you are clever. Anyway start with building a small box, you can reuse the modules in your LC, it does not even have to be in a box



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