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LC PSU questions...


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hey guys, getting worried about a PSU in my 3xLC midibbox...

heres the specs...

3xLC core

24x alps 11M9 motorfader (TK said ideal setting was 7.5V on the MF module on ucapps)

288 10mm LED's for meterbars (obviously not only one hit at once) specified as 20mA each

264 5mm LED's for rings specified as 30mA each

150 5mm LED's for individual buttons specified as 30mA each

24x LCD (yes, 24 of them) but i cant find the power consumption clearly stated in the datasheet:


i'll be wanting to use the backlight so keep that in power usage consideration.

anyone got a shot in the dark on what kind of powering station i'll need to get this running all up? im guessing at somewhere near a small city size powerplant. especially with 24 LCD's.

any help much welcomed!


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