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This board has been created for official "sale requests".

Here you can ask for an official permission, if you are planning to produce and sell a project which gets use of the MIDIbox Hardware Platform and/or MIOS.

NOTE: you don't need to ask for permission for one-time sales, because this is covered by the TAPR license http://www.ucapps.de/TAPR_Noncommercial_Hardware_License_v1.0.pdf - which allows to sell up to 10 devices per year without a special arrangement.

-> just offer your MIDIbox directly at the Fleamarket in such cases.

Regardless of the legal position concerning copyrights in your country, only with my permission you can have a good feeling about what you are doing, and only with a published request in this forum you can be sure that the MIDIbox community will accept your intention.

I will accept or deny your request without mentioning the reasons to avoid endless discussions, which steal my time even more than just providing this solution!

Possible states of your request are:

  • ACCEPTED (you have my permission)
  • DENIED (you don't have my permission)
  • PENDING <reason> (you have to clarify something due to given reason)

    Projects which I want to support are:
    • innovative projects
    • good documented projects, which allow other people to do the same
    • major improvements of the MBHP
    • solutions, which really help the community (e.g. PCB manufacturing)

    Projects which I will deny are:

      [*]1:1 copies of www.uCApps.de projects with no benefit for the community

      [*]bad or not documented projects

      [*]overpriced projects

      [*]projects which have been detected by the community as MBHP-based, but which never got my permission

      Best Regards, Thorsten.

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In the meantime I realized, that there is no advantage for the community and for myself, when somebody unknown intends to sale MIDIbox/MIOS based projects in any form (PCBs only, kits or completely prebuilt products), when he never distributed his creations to the public for free before, when he hasn't proved over a long time, that he is willing to support MIDIbox users, and not at least: when I don't really know him personally.

Some of us have spent a lot of time and money to contribute, so that they really have deserved a (mostly very small) profit for their effort. For these noble guys it is very demotivating, when greenhorns are trying to make quick money with their work.

It's like a sellout.

If you are now thinking, that I'm blocking interesting projects, or that I don't want to encourage user distribitions, then you're just at the wrong website, keep searching for a similar project which fits your attitudes.

To say it clearly: everybody is very welcome to make contributions to the projects, so long it is for free. But if he wants to sell anything, he has to gain my trust first - this is a long term process.

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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