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Please Read Before Posting New Topics: What is a "User Project"?

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Dear midiboxer,

please post new topics in this area of the forum only, if your question or information is related to a User Project:

A "User Project" means, that your topic is about an unoffical new application based on MBHP and/or MIOS, developed by one or more midibox user(s). In contrast, a box running with an adapted (or unaltered) version of MB64/MBSeq/MBSid/MBWhatever... is not a new user project!

In those cases, there are better places to post your questions/ideas (for example) :

- Midibox HUIs (for MIDIbox64/64E/LC/MM/KMK)

- Midibox Design Concepts (for new ideas, new HUIs, using existing applications)

This also applies, if you'd like to know if this or that is possible, or if you want to discuss fresh ideas but your project is very far away from releasing any files/data.

If you are developing a new application and it's likely you will release your project, feel free to post :)

...or if you have any questions about existing User Projects, your questions are welcome, we will all try to help and support you as we welcome any kind of feedback :)

Please try to keep all information about your project (pictures, source, etc) on-site - attached in forum posts or on the WIKI because <broken-record>offsite doco bad</broken record>

Cheers for reading this,

(just trying to keep the information overviewable)


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