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SISQ - based onMB64 & MB64e - Ableton Live controller

John Hetmond

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----------------HI RES PICS---------------

of SISQ : http://picasaweb.google.com/johnhetmond/SISQ'>http://picasaweb.google.com/johnhetmond/SISQ

SISQ in action : http://picasaweb.google.com/johnhetmond/


Hi guys !

Text and pictures you'll find here : www.johnhetmond.com/sisq.htm

Thank you all for helping me during bulding this project ! =] See you some time somewhere !


Christopher - John Hetmond

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wow! this box looks incredible - all the best wishes for the gig in ~1 week!!!

would really love to see some higher resolution photos of the thing, and maybe even a short video of the whole setup in action.

how are you using the soundcard, and what in/out do you have available on the box? I really love the idea of having the sound output inside the midi controller - that is so cool. only problem for me is i only have firewire cards (2 cables anyway!)...


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thanks guys ! = ]

I've mounted there MAYA 44 USB ... but i should use something with Fire Wire.

All connections at the back are connections from the card - two stereo inputs and two stereo outpust and at the front headphones output =] .

About missing keys from k-board - there was th one reason - that during playing on Aleton i didn't wanted to push wrong button - thats why buttons like  SLEEP POWER and thrd one are out = ] . "Windows buttons" were useless for me...

Better resoultion pics will be soon. Movie i think i will record this night and it will be on YOUTube but i will give you here link = ]

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Hey John, nice box! Do you have all the buttons illuminated all the time?

I've mounted there MAYA 44 USB ... but i should use something with Fire Wire.

That is the card I wanted to integrate into Live controller I`m building.  :)  Maya 44 is fairly priced and very compact.

Why do you think it is better you used Firewire card? Because of Mac you own or some other reason?

I also wanted to use 2 short sliders for sends on my controller. They are much easier to operate quickly than rotaries but as they eat more space so I still thinking should I use it. 30mm sliders seams prety hard to find. Where did you buy yours?

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MAYA 44 USB - after some time of using it ... i can say thats quite good sound card for things like that. Without any problems in the clubs. And i was whinking about Fire Wire becouse i thought i would decrease CPU Usage. But problem was in Ableton 6 = P (in Ableton 7 this bug was fixed!) not in sound card.

About the buttons - yes , they are illuminated all the time thats really good solution for clubs! You always see what you have where. You just have to practise at home mixing with that and you dont have a problems like " well which track am i using now? and which button should i press now?? oh 4th channel 5th scene so! one, two, three... " hehehe

after 4 - 6 weeks of training every day you dont care is it ilouminating or not  =]

Sliders - one ofo the best things in SISQ are there sliders ! It's really kickin ass option ! So dont think too long about it =]

I found mu sliders here http://www.mouser.com/home.aspx . Try it meaby you will find something for you .

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All toogether... heeheh ... TK should think about "MB party" !

Well, I guess TK rather spend time developing cool toys for us than organizing the parties but still, some MB gathering would be nice to happen. I`m planing something similar locally for a long time but more like DIY music gathering than specifically MB.

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