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Indie/ Electronic music using Midibox 64 as a LIVE controller.

The III Man

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Hi All,

Here's another project of mine, Duologue. We are a 2 piece electronic band from London who use guitars, programming, drum machines & vsts etc and have just finished recording our demo album on ableton. We also perform live with ableton running using controllers including a midibox 64 as a midi mixing desk that Ive made this year. we use that live too, I'm just finishing off my how build page on my website.

Please have a listen to our tracks at www.duologuemusic.co.uk and let me know what you think. Its fairly varied and was what has driven me through all the hours of soldering! If you use it also do find us on myspace at www.myspace.com/duologuemusic.



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i have to admit i ve been lurking in this post for quite a while waiting to see what people had to say about it, but it seems like i am going to be the first one

the concept is great, this is what i like lately, trying to bring your instruments into your digital compositions but hold on ! i don t like the final product,  i think it sounds too much like thom yorke late solo music and i didn t find it too catchy at all.

I hope you guys keep on this line and come back with more stuff, i ll be here waiting ;)


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Dude congratulations! I think this is an awesome start for you guys.

I agree with cimo in that it's not as catchy as, I think, it potentially could be. I mean, it's a project so it def sounds like you guys are testing the waters of your setup. But, damn you guys got a lot of sound for 2 dudes.

Can you guys reproduce this stuff live like the recordings?

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