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Isolating panel mount parts


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Safe way would be to buy plastic enclosed connectors, you may want to change from this:


to this




otherwise some ideas:

heat shrink tubing into the jack bushing with a couple of plastic washers on both sides?

alternatives to the heat shrink: teflon tape <- used this along with the plastic washers to mod my gt3 for 2 expression pedals.

you could try hot glue too, just cover the metal parts and cut out as needed to make it fit again. 8)

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yep sorry it wasn t really precise, they are not 3,5 mm, they are as those pictured below.The socket you show are not panel mount but i liked the shrinking tube idea i will go for that.I am only worried that the sharp edges of the hole could cut through the plastic and reach the metal of the socket.I ll let you know how it goes



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