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Midibox Mania goes on

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I have finished all Parts for the Midi-Mixer


but now i have to wait for the Faceplate/Case <- gone for Sandblasting and Powder Coating in white.

So have started the rebuilt of the Sequencer V2 (and upgrade to V3)- have bought it in the Forum. (thausand thanks to Alex!!! )

First i have testet it and than desolderd everything into basicparts. blogentry-5641-0-71467000-1337894203_thu

- 2 Lcd's

- all Pcbs (the Core V2 will be replaced by Ultracore-Pcb with 2 II2c Midiouts)

- nice buttons and Alps Encoders

- from a Tuner and Tapedeck i have added a few Buttons for F1-4 and the Play,ffw,rew- Section (and i have a few buttons with Led left over for my Mixer : ) )

After a few days i have a good prototype working.




and started the design of the Faceplate and the Case

blogentry-5641-0-93564700-1337893779_thu blogentry-5641-0-41248500-1337894024_thublogentry-5641-0-26197100-1337894150_thu

and this is the front nowblogentry-5641-0-54965500-1337894875_thu

edit : do not use this like it is <- it still missmatches a few parts

one time again i have to print and cut out the holes and if everything fits it gets converted for the SVG-File for the Acryl-faceplate.

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