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Back in the Groove




Finally getting back to building music gear. Trying to do a bit every night; averaging 30% at the moment. MB6582, nearly complete. Must take the 'wooden spoon' for slowest assembly from the initial batch, but #31 is on it's way. Wired and tested the LCD, last night, only to find I'd mis-read an advert ages ago, and got CrystalFontz normal, (black on green) displays. Will go with it for now, but will probably go for Optrex when I get the chance, (they take way less current too).

Chips burning session tonight. PIC4685 all burned, MIOS Loaded and basic test done. Reading through the notes, and using MIOS studio makes me realise just how much hard work TK and others have put into this. All went very smoothly.

Started edits for my small SID box, having got the panel wiring laid out. I got lucky on ebay with some Densitron 'mini' 2x40 displays, which match some old 'Digitast' style switches I got with some scrap, so a 2x40, 10 button design resulted. I can see myself compiling that a few times before I get it right though!

blogentry-4729-0-74753900-1356066748_thu Mini production line

blogentry-4729-0-76460200-1356066781_thu And the results

blogentry-4729-0-88274600-1356066765_thu Tested - working showing Densitron 2x40 small display.






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