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The missing socket arrived this morning. Full of will power I waited until after the days work was done before getting out the now rapidly declining box of bits. Socket in, C64 PSU tested, 9V tested good, so was ready to go. Small glitch until I realised that I had to change the core ID in MIOS Studio too, then all loaded smoothly. Fitted the 6852's one pair at a time, and ran through the sound banks, with a silly grin just getting wider on my face.

Still got a minor bit of front panel work to do, (3 spacers came unglued), and a little bit of fault tracing - the mix out doesn't seem to be working, but all is good, and the only last bits I need are 4 knobs for the feedback pots.

Now a lot of reading and learning to do. This thing is a small cased sound mainframe and I want to be able to drive it as it deserves.. Love the way my Korg Kontrol 49 keyboard loops up to a lot of the front panel controls too.

So very grateful to TK and Wilba for this.



Still doing more stuff for other people than myself, but got another run at the MB6582. 3 parts to get, and it turns out that the ebay seller with the displays didn't ship what he thought. I have a 'plain, vanilla' black on green display, when I thought I was getting green on black 'negative'. I'll update once it's working. I had a reasonable idea for the display wiring, and put a single-in-line cable mount socket, (the kind you crimp pins to the wire, then insert into a housing), on the cable, and a 16 pin 90 degree pin header on the display. That means the fiddly display wiring only has to be done once, and I can change displays by simply plugging another one in. Pots for feedback were from Smallbear, and are neat, small Taiwan Alphas. I used heat shrink sleeving over the soldered pins to make the wiring more robust.

I Used some salvaged 2 pin computer pin connectors, from old PC cases for the 5V connections to the power LED, and teh fan, and a 3 pin one for the audio out. I have done connectors for all the I/O and the control surface connections, so that main board could be removed safely, if I need to work on it.

I hope to run it up next week, once my next batch of work is over.


Finally getting back to building music gear. Trying to do a bit every night; averaging 30% at the moment. MB6582, nearly complete. Must take the 'wooden spoon' for slowest assembly from the initial batch, but #31 is on it's way. Wired and tested the LCD, last night, only to find I'd mis-read an advert ages ago, and got CrystalFontz normal, (black on green) displays. Will go with it for now, but will probably go for Optrex when I get the chance, (they take way less current too).

Chips burning session tonight. PIC4685 all burned, MIOS Loaded and basic test done. Reading through the notes, and using MIOS studio makes me realise just how much hard work TK and others have put into this. All went very smoothly.

Started edits for my small SID box, having got the panel wiring laid out. I got lucky on ebay with some Densitron 'mini' 2x40 displays, which match some old 'Digitast' style switches I got with some scrap, so a 2x40, 10 button design resulted. I can see myself compiling that a few times before I get it right though!

blogentry-4729-0-74753900-1356066748_thu Mini production line

blogentry-4729-0-76460200-1356066781_thu And the results

blogentry-4729-0-88274600-1356066765_thu Tested - working showing Densitron 2x40 small display.




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