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The last few years have not been good. A wonderful offer to do a masters degree, in 2013,  came unstuck in a mess involving sciatica and the death of child for whom I was 'adopted family'. Depression followed. So it took a while to get going again. I've popped back in a few times, only to find I had no time.
Now I'm making time and getting some of the stuff I began contructing into playable units.
I've bultl quite a lot for other people in the last few years, to pay bills and keep going, like Psycox 'Syncussions', 'Jaspers', and various modules. I've done quite a lot of repairs, too. I even managed to do up a few 'donated' units for myself
I've done a few MIDIbox units I can post pictures of: the GM5 and Nils' 5 channel version. My MB6582, which was the first MIDIbox project I finsished, in fact, and some test pieces.
Now I'm about to use up one of my old core boards to make the old MIDI-CV, for my 5U system, I'm finally getting together. I have boards built, and the original AOUT board with it's Max 525s.
So, todays small start was some banksticks.
No major deal, a 1 hour project, from digging out some parts to looking at the end result. But it feels good. Something for my own gear again. MIDIbox feels different from kit building, more input is needed, and the sense of achievement is somehow greater as a result.
So a quick 'hi' and a wave.
And hopefully it won't be another 5 years between posts...



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